Return information related to the pleiotropy of SNPs

pqtl_pleio(rsid = NULL, prflag = c("proteins", "count"),
  mode = c("table", "raw"))



(Required) A SNP identified by rsID which cannot be NULL.


(Optional) A flag which determines whether the number (if "count") or names (if "proteins") of the associated proteins should be returned. The DEFAULT value is "proteins".


(Optional) If mode = "table", returns a data frame (a tibble as per tidyverse convention). If mode = "raw", returns a raw response from EpiGraphDB API with minimal parsing done by httr.


# Returns a data frame of associated proteins pqtl_pleio(rsid = "rs1260326")
#> # A tibble: 3 x 1 #> expID #> <chr> #> 1 FST #> 2 SAA1 #> 3 KLKB1
# Returns a number of associated proteins pqtl_pleio(rsid = "rs1260326", prflag = "count")
#> [1] 3