• Switch to github actions for building the package documentation site.
  • Switch to EpiGraphDB v1.0.0 API.
  • use httr::RETRY to mitigate problems due to network errors.
  • Shortened the startup message.
  • Added functions protein_in_pathway, mappings_gene_to_protein
  • Added RMarkdown vignettes to the equivalent Jupyter notebooks in the EpiGraphDB GitHub repo.
  • Added functions meta_nodes_list, meta_rels_list, meta_nodes_list_node, meta_rels_list_rel, meta_nodes_search_node, cypher
  • Migrated to EpiGraphDB v0.3.0 API.

Current ongoing development

  • (2020-03) Move upstream API url to https://api.epigraphdb.org/v0.2.0
  • (2019-11) Migrated to github and travis CI. Current documentation site is now https://mrcieu.github.io/epigraphdb-r.

Initial release on github

Initial pre-development