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Provide a list of rsids that you may want to perform LD operations on to check if they are present in the LD reference panel. If they are not then some functions e.g. ld_clump will exclude them from the analysis, so you may want to consider how to handle those variants in your data.


ld_reflookup(rsid, pop = "EUR", opengwas_jwt = get_opengwas_jwt())



Array of rsids to check


Super-population to use as reference panel. Default = "EUR". Options are "EUR", "SAS", "EAS", "AFR", "AMR"


Used to authenticate protected endpoints. Login to to obtain a jwt. Provide the jwt string here, or store in .Renviron under the keyname OPENGWAS_JWT.#' @param bfile If this is provided then will use the API. Default = NULL


Array of rsids that are present in the LD reference panel